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Find Your Outlet with DiveIn

I don’t know about you but for me, the days of logging on to my social media feed and seeing nothing but engagement announcements, wedding photos, and (surprisingly) fast-growing babies is something of the past. No, they aren’t completely gone, that would be weird, but the landscape has shifted from witty updates from friends and family to silly viral videos, cleverly blended in advertisements, and a slightly mindless double tapping of pics to help pass the time. After spending hours switching between these major platforms each day I am often left wanting something with a little more… depth.

This need for more went into overdrive following the election of America’s 45th President. I found myself incredibly frustrated with the outcome and without an outlet. Sure, I was able to turn to Facebook and Twitter to voice my disappointment, but quickly realized that wasn’t enough. Words are just words after all, and as much as I wanted to be heard or validated, my current tools were falling short of providing me with what I needed. I started to ask myself, what could I actually do to make a difference? If I want to change, where do I start? I know I’m not the only one to feel this way, but how do I find others that share my need for action? As I was asking myself these questions I was introduced to DiveIn, and quickly joined the team.

DiveIn is a social network for change. We aim to connect passionate people with shared values to each other and are making it easier for our members to get involved with worthy causes at the local level. For those people that are ready to make a difference, are actively making a difference, or just looking for a place to start, DiveIn is for you. Our team has created a home to share your interests and have productive discussions with others about what’s most important to you. We also have community events available to get folks active and engage where it matters most.

For all of you lovers of STEM working tirelessly to educate and further your cause with the next generation, check out DiveIn. Our app is available for download today and we have plenty of discussions that we’d love for you to be a part of. We hope to see you there!

For those interested in keeping up with DiveIn on social, they can find us at:





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Shannon was born in Pittsburgh, PA but calls Chicago home, despite moving to San Francisco in the summer of 2016. She joined DiveIn after working as the Customer Success Manager for an early stage startup focused on improving the payment experience for both clients and mental health professionals; onboarding nearly 1,000 new customers in 45 states. In her spare time, Shannon serves as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for a youth in the foster care system with the San Francisco branch of the national CASA organization. Shannon is also a die-hard Steelers fan and a relentless “pusher” in mobilizing her peers to get involved in their communities. To keep up with Shannon, you can follow her on twitter.

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