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Episode 11: The Sparkling GEM of STEM

In today’s DiveIn Black History Month special episode we are talking to Stephanie Espy the author of “STEM GEMS” a powerful book that portrays 44 Women in STEM role models to give young girls and boys the very valuable gift of role models. She is the CEO of MathSP, the only STEM-focused academic coaching company in the state of Georgia. She was awarded the prestigious PORSCHE Driving force award, she was featured in Huffington Post and has a BS in chemical engineering from MIT, MS in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley and MBA from Emory University. Listen to Stephanie’s amazing STEM story to find out how she plans to create more GEMS in STEM!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/STEMGemsBook
Twitter: www.twitter.com/STEMGemsBook

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