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Episode 13: Taking Women’s Leadership To The Next Level

In this episode, we are talking to an expert in women leadership development, Brigid Moynahan, the CEO of Next Level Leadership INC., a training, and development organization based in NY. Brigid started the company in 1986 with a farsighted approach to create diverse leadership in fortune 500 companies.
Over the last 25 years, she has created over 800corporate programs on mentoring, coaching, team building, diversity, and leadership. She has worked extensively with companies like JP Morgan & Chase, JOHNSON & JOHNSON & Rutgers to name a few. She utilizes a very innovative “ACTING FOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM” to create compelling leadership presence.  Brigid knows everything there is to women’s leadership development and how you can achieve the most out of your career whether you work for big corporations or startups. Listen on to know more about how you can take your career to THE NEXT LEVEL!

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