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Thank You Maa For These 4 Life Lessons

My mother is the epitome of bravery, composure, and love. She was the first woman to be hired in her field of work. She was a mountaineer in college, she led all women teams to 3 glaciers in the Himalayas, and worked in some of the toughest conditions. After receiving her Master’s degree in political science, she went on to have a stellar career including receiving the prestigious “Indian Police Medal“. Growing up she was an amazing role model and she still is!

She has continued to overcome challenges and provide us with everything we could ever ask for. After losing our father, she took care of not just herself but of us and rest of my father’s side of the family. She is the most incredible, generous and strong woman I know.

So, I thought I’d dedicate this Mother’s Day post to share with you 4 amazing lessons I’ve learned from her.

1. Look For The Good In Everyone

My mother treats every living being with so much love and respect, it’s mind-blowing. She won’t even kill ants, she just puts some turmeric to repel them. Every time I got angry at someone at school or work, to this day she tells me, “learn to see the good in people, everyone has something good about them.” It’s interesting how such a shift can change how you interact with people in your life. If you approach people this way, you can be more gentle in your assumptions and avoid unnecessary tension with people over menial issues.

I continue to use this valuable lesson in everyday life, whether it’s for someone who cut me in the traffic or someone who’s rude to me, I try my best to see the good in them. This helps me avoid unconscious bias and a lot of unnecessary arguments.

2. Never Doubt Yourself

This is so important, no matter if you are a stay-at-home mom dealing with kids and chores at home or a working woman. Never doubting yourself means having confidence. Confidence is the key to form allies, reach your full potential and secret to getting results. Confidence is what makes you raise your voice, fight for your truth & stand up for yourself. It’s much more important than just asking a difficult question once, it’s about asking those difficult questions every day and about challenging the status quo.

Learning this at a very young age has helped me through very challenging things in life, including standing for myself in college, working with many interesting or difficult teams and leading all-male meetings.

3. Dreams Do Come True

No matter how crazy, big or far-fetched it might seem, If you can dream it, you can achieve it! My mother believes that hard work and effort in the right direction will make all your dreams come true. She says “Never let anyone tell you that, you can’t do or achieve something because you are a woman. Always let your work speak for you and continue proving such people wrong.”

This lesson has always stayed with me and has changed how I approach any big dreams or goals. This lesson combined with some great tools and strategies can lead to a magical life. I am very fortunate that a lot of my dreams have come true, even though some took longer than the others.

4. Be Financially Independent

Education is a precursor to this, growing up education was of utmost importance to our family. My mother has worked all her life and has helped us get the best of everything. Growing up she always emphasized how important it is for any woman to be financially independent. It helps you in every phase of your life, it helps you to continue dreaming, contribute to the household and make your old age comfortable. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a stay-at-home parent at some point in your life, it just means that you wisely save up and work towards being financially self-sufficient.

Money has the power to uplift your family’s future. Money can buy you a good education for yourself or your kids, a comfortable life for your family and a choice of following your dreams instead of worrying about paying the bills. Hence, it’s extremely important to take steps to ensure your financial independence. This lesson is the reason I have the means to run this blog and podcast.


I hope these lessons were as helpful to you as they have been to me. I can probably write a book about all the great things I’ve

My mother has been through a lot, she has adjusted in ever-changing circumstances, worked 20 hour days, traveled the world, selflessly took care of us and our extended family, endured the untimely passing of my father (her best friend) and has continued to be the source of our strength.

She attributes all this to the power of love! You can’t help but notice her generosity the very first time you meet her. She has taught us that love & kindness can change your world. She has changed our world, from living in a 300 sq feet apartment to moving to America, she is the reason for everything I have.

I am sure your mom must have taught you some very powerful lessons as well! Make sure you say thank you to her for all her awesomeness, this Mother’s Day! 🙂


Written with lots of love by Prasha Sarwate.


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