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Episode15: Our STEM Support Star

We are back with our brand new podcast episodes. We are doing away with season format and will release a new “woman in STEM” interview every Monday. We are so excited that our first guest back is our very own Alex Fitzpatrick the author of our #STEMSupport column.

Today we are talking to an American Zooarchaeologist, who moved halfway across the world to pursue her PhD in Archeology at the University of Bradford, UK. From switching from humanities to Science majors to dealing with mental health issues early on in her PhD Alex Fitzpatrick is an excellent example of how you can take your problems and make them into something wonderful, like she has done with her SciComm efforts, which include curating our #STEMSupport column, being a guest blogger at fem of stem blog, and running her own blog “Animal Archaeology” which has over 8 different writing series. Let’s talk to Alex about her unstoppable “STEM” story!


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