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16: The Chatty Scientist

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Kira Coley, for the past several years Kira has been one of the most prolific science writers in the ocean industry covering topics ranging from deepsea exploration, marine species, and underwater robotics to offshore energy, shipping, and coastal engineering. In March 2018, she was appointed as the Senior Editor for an international marine science magazine, www.ecomagazine.com/

Kira is also the founder and CEO of an award-winning startup, The Chatty Scientist – an innovative platform offering a mix of resources and interactive training in science communication. Her mission is to make it easier than ever for scientists to discover and develop these skills and help them share their research with new audiences around the world.

She is a lecturer in science communication at the University of Portsmouth and involved in many side projects including supporting young women as a mentor at The Girls Network, promoting women and girls in STEM, and providing opportunities for the next generation of science writers through the ecoCurrents initiative.





Instagram: thechattyscientist 



Upcoming Event:

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming The Girls In STEM Event hosted by The Chatty Scientist on July 14th, 2018 in Portsmouth, UK.


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