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Episode 18: On Her Way To MARS

Growing up a lot of kids want to be astronauts, I wanted to be one too! But lack of proper understanding of how to get there doesn’t make it easy! It’s the most fascinating profession in the world. Interplanetary conquest is going to completely change how we view our universe. The first planet on that list is MARS & our guest today aspires to be the first one to step foot on the red planet. She has also founded “The MARS Generation” to get kids more interested in space and equip them with courses and events that will bring them closer to their dreams of becoming an astronaut!
Since 8th grade, Abigail Harrison has worked on multiple projects to learn more about interplanetary science. She is known as Astronaut Abby by her huge social media following and by students around the world who want to follow in her footsteps. From being a Freshman in Astrobiology & Russian to being the head of the Chief Executive Board of her non-profit “THE MARS GENERATION” Abby has achieved a great amount of experience and respect in the world of Science Communication &  STEM advocacy. With all this exceptional work and an internship at NASA, she is clearly on her way to the red planet MARS! Listen to this episode to the incredible visionary Abigail Harrison & learn about her outstanding STEM story!

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