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Episode 19: She Knows Dinosaurs

This episode is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) story. We are talking to a fellow podcaster Sabrina Ricci, who hosts a podcast called “I Know Dino“. Coming from a journalism & digital content background, Sabrina didn’t even think once before starting her podcast. She and her husband host this weekly show.

They go to a lot of museums and conferences and get to meet amazing paleontologists, paleoartists, and other people who work with dinosaurs in some form. Sabrina is also the content program manager at Autodesk.” Let’s talk to Sabrina to learn more about her unique STEAM story.

Sabrina switched gears and passionately continues to learn and share about Dinosaurs while pursuing her full time job. Her story is an amazing insight into how you don’t necessarily go to school to be a part of the science communication. You can pick up your interests and do multiple things in life. Her story teaches us to continue learning about things that fascinate you.

Sabrina’s Favorite Book: Red Raptor

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