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Episode 21: The Story of ReigningIt

Just like us Saqi Mehta shares stories of women who are reigning it in STEM. After spending 5 years in Silicon Valley leading the University Recruiting team at Square, Saqi realized the disparity between women and men in STEM, which led her to Co-Found ReigningIt. A website and community platform which brings awareness to women in STEM through the power of community and narrative. ReigningIt has created a strong community of almost 5000 women in STEM and has shared more than 500 stories of incredible women in STEM.


In this episode, Saqi shares how she became friends with her co-founder Angela Cleveland and how their diverse backgrounds helped in the formation of this beautiful community.

Saqi shares how you can hire a diverse workforce and what women need to include on their resumes to stand out in the hiring process. She also shares how adversities teach some very important skills that no schooling can teach. So, recruiting from less popular colleges can be a key to hiring diversely.

Listen now to Saqi’s amazing STEM story.





Twitter: https://twitter.com/callmesaqi?

Website: https://reigningit.wixsite.com/reigningit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReigningIt/

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