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Episode 11: The Sparkling GEM of STEM

In today’s DiveIn Black History Month special episode we are talking to Stephanie Espy the author of “STEM GEMS” a powerful book that portrays 44 Women in STEM role models to give young girls and boys the very valuable gift of role models. She is the CEO of MathSP, the only STEM-focused academic coaching company in the state of Georgia. She was awarded the prestigious PORSCHE Driving force award, she was featured in Huffington Post and has a BS in chemical engineering from MIT, MS in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley and MBA from Emory University. Listen to Stephanie’s amazing STEM story to find out how she plans to create more GEMS in STEM!



Web: www.STEMGemsBook.com
LinkedIn: Stephanie Espy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/STEMGemsBook
Twitter: www.twitter.com/STEMGemsBook

 More ways to connect with Stephanie’s work:

Episode 10: Science Her Way

In this 2nd episode of Black History Month Special, we are talking to Erica Wagner she’s joining us all the way from Colorado! She is an inspiring Teenpreneur who has established her YouTube channel “SCIENCE HER WAY” that focuses on Educational STEAM products, games, and projects. Erica loves to code and aspires to be a computer engineer and digital designer. She is so young but has big dreams of changing the world for girls of color in STEM! Let’s talk to the teenpreneur, You tuber, and DREAMER, and learn SCIENCE HER WAY!

YouTube Channel

Twitter: @ScienceHerWay

Website: www.scienceherway.com

GoFundMe:  www.gofundme.com/yt-steam-channel-minority-girls.

Episode 9: Girl STEM Stars

In today’s DiveIn presents “Black History Month”special, we are talking to Kiwoba Allaire, CEO & Founder, and Camille Eddie an engineering student & Board Member of “GIRL STEM STARS”. A non-profit that’s providing powerful trips, community support & experiences in the field of the STEM to girls of color from underserved communities in Silicon Valley. Listen to learn why we need more GIRL STEM STARS.


Girl STEM Stars
Video from Girl STEM Stars
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Book Recommendation: The Power of How


Episode 8: Reaching For The Sun

Today we are talking to a Solar Scientist, Physicist  Dr. Stephanie Yardley, who studies the eruption of the Sun’s magnetic field that can lead to the spectacular displays of the aurora but can also severely damage our technological systems on Earth. She is joining us all the way from Scotland. Listen to this story of Stephanie and how she’s REACHING FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT STAR…..SUN!

You can follow her on Twitter @slyardley.

Episode 7: The SHARK Scientist

In today’s DiveIn special episode, we are talking to the amazing Melissa Cristina Márquez. She is a Latina marine biologist and conservationist in Sydney, Australia. Mellisa is actively engaged in research, exploration, communication, and application of scientific knowledge related to the conservation of marine ecosystems. She studies sharks and their relatives and shares passionately about them through her The Fins United Initiative (TFUI; www.finsunited.co.nz). Melissa has over 6000 followers on Twitter, multiple blog posts, a TED-X talk and she is a strong advocate for diversity for women in STEM especially LATINA women in STEM.Listen on to learn more about this UNSTOPPABLE SHARK Scientist.

Links to Melissa’s websites and social media pages:

Episode 6: The WiSE Neuroscientist

In this episode*, we are talking to Jackie Giovanniello, a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in NY. She works on understanding how neural circuits are disrupted in autism. She is also the Co-Founder of the Women in Science & Engineering Initiative (WiSE) at CSHL. Learn how she got over challenges and succeeded in securing 30,000 dollars in funding with over 100 members. Jackie shares her struggles, strengths, and ideas to get more women to wear & retain the pristine white lab coats!




Twitter: @CSHL_WISE

*Find the snapshot of this interview in our blog post “The WiSE Neuroscientist!”.

Episode 5: Creating Women Leaders In STEM

In this episode, we are talking to Elizabeth Laine, Director of Members & Marketing, at Athena in San Diego, California. San Diego magazine nominated Elizabeth for the WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2017. She oversees the FORUMS FOR Executive Women that has 500 women members. Elizabeth has collaborated with top STEM organizations like Qualcomm, Sony, and Deloitte for women’s executive development. Listen on to find out how you can get that next promotion on your STEM Journey!

Learn about Athena:


Book Recommendation:

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

*This is not a paid recommendation.

Episode 4: Path To Paleontology

In this episode, we are talking to Brittney Stoneburg, the Marketing & Events Specialist for the Western Science Center, a natural history museum in Hemet, California about how she found her path to Paleontology even after not going to school for it. She used her talent in literature and history to work in the field she loved from her childhood. Listen to this amazing episode and learn from Brittney that it’s never too late to follow your passion!
Follow Britteny & learn about her amazing museum at :
Instagram: WesternScienceCenter
Twitter: @WesternCenter & @MaxMastodon

Episode 3: Practicing Medicine Through Medicine 

Brittney Pachucki recently graduated with her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering. She is the lab manager at Amgen’s Device Technologies Group in Cambridge, MA. In this episode, we talk about biomedical engineering and how Brittney is saving lives through engineering. We also find out how she got inspired to take up this niche field and what keeps her motivated! Listen to this adorable and inspiring STEM Story!

Episode 2: 23 Countries & More


In this episode, we are talking to a young mechanical engineer Jinghan Wu. Jinghan is a world traveler and has traveled around the world, to 23 Countries to be exact.Most of her trips were for projects and exchange programs. Listen on to learn about how Jinghan made a change in the lives of many South African families through her project! She talks about her struggles with being an international student and how she stays inspired and motivated!

Episode 1: The STEM Star

In this episode, we are talking to Trisha Ballakur. Trisha is a senior at the Andover High School in Massachusetts. She is a young entrepreneur with a game changer app “Illumination” to help teenagers cope with grief, depression and mood swings. We will talk to Trisha to learn more about her club “Girls who code”, her experience at TYE Global Competition, her interests and how she envisions her future as a WOMAN in STEM.

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