How to Survive Your First Fieldwork Trip

With the warmer weather coming up, many of us in STEM fields will be off for fieldwork. For those who are going on fieldwork for their first time, it can be a bit scary! But here are some tips to help you get ready for your trip. Many of us in STEM will eventually have… Continue reading How to Survive Your First Fieldwork Trip

Alex Fitzpatrick
Podcast Episodes

Episode15: Our STEM Support Star

We are back with our brand new podcast episodes. We are doing away with season format and will release a new "woman in STEM" interview every Monday. We are so excited that our first guest back is our very own Alex Fitzpatrick the author of our #STEMSupport column. Today we are talking to an American Zooarchaeologist, who… Continue reading Episode15: Our STEM Support Star


How to Be Your Best Self At Your First Conference

Welcome to #STEMSupport, a bi-monthly article that will tackle common questions and issues others may face within STEM. Today, we’ll be talking about conferences – a necessary evil for many anxious students around the world! Hopefully, this article will put your mind at ease…or at least help you manage your stress levels a bit. Deadlines,… Continue reading How to Be Your Best Self At Your First Conference


#STEMSupport –Being A Humanities Student in Science Land

Prior to my current life in the lab studying animal bones and isotopes, I had no idea how to operate a microscope. Someone who couldn’t remember what an electron was. Someone who would never even stick her foot into a lab, let alone work in one.


#STEMSupport – An Introduction

A short while back, I wrote a guest post here at Her STEM Story about how to manage your mental health in academia. Apparently the response to that article was good enough that I have now been asked back as a semi-regular contributor with my own section: #STEMSupport! But first – a little bit more… Continue reading #STEMSupport – An Introduction