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Episode 11: The Sparkling GEM of STEM

In today's DiveIn Black History Month special episode we are talking to Stephanie Espy the author of "STEM GEMS” a powerful book that portrays 44 Women in STEM role models to give young girls and boys the very valuable gift of role models. She is the CEO of MathSP, the only STEM-focused academic coaching company… Continue reading Episode 11: The Sparkling GEM of STEM


#STEMSupport – How to Embrace the Challenges of Being a New PhD Student?

This morning, I walked into our research office to find a new face – apparently a new PhD student had joined our department this week. And the first question she asked was a question that I remember asking myself in this very same room, nearly two years ago…

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Dating Advice For Successful Women In STEM

Dating is a tricky thing! It’s frustrating and full of mind games, clues, and insecurities. I was recently reading a book where the female lead character was making almost 3 times a year as compared to her partner who was making. The awkwardness of making more than your partner is universal. (Being a heterosexual, I… Continue reading Dating Advice For Successful Women In STEM


#STEMSupport –Being A Humanities Student in Science Land

Prior to my current life in the lab studying animal bones and isotopes, I had no idea how to operate a microscope. Someone who couldn’t remember what an electron was. Someone who would never even stick her foot into a lab, let alone work in one.

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What Is “S T E M” & Why You Should Care

This year in the US alone, there are more than 600,000 unfilled tech jobs. STEM employment grew by 24.4% as compared to 4.0% growth in non-STEM employment over the last decade. So what exactly is "STEM"? STEM is an acronym for the collective study of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. According to the NSF, STEM courses includes study in the fields of… Continue reading What Is “S T E M” & Why You Should Care