#STEMSupport – An Introduction

A short while back, I wrote a guest post here at Her STEM Story about how to manage your mental health in academia. Apparently the response to that article was good enough that I have now been asked back as a semi-regular contributor with my own section: #STEMSupport! But first – a little bit more… Continue reading #STEMSupport – An Introduction

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What Is “S T E M” & Why You Should Care

This year in the US alone, there are more than 600,000 unfilled tech jobs. STEM employment grew by 24.4% as compared to 4.0% growth in non-STEM employment over the last decade. So what exactly is "STEM"? STEM is an acronym for the collective study of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. According to the NSF, STEM courses includes study in the fields of… Continue reading What Is “S T E M” & Why You Should Care