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Episode15: Our STEMSupport Star

We are back with our brand new podcast episodes. We are doing away with season format and will release a new "woman in STEM" interview every Monday. We are so excited that our first guest back is our very own Alex Fitzpatrick the author of our #STEMSupport column. Today we are talking to an American Zooarchaeologist, who… Continue reading Episode15: Our STEMSupport Star

Blog Posts

How I Learned To Be Calm

This Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to share how meditation helped me through really difficult times. Calming down doesn't come naturally to most of us. Our mind plays tricks and we spiral down the anxiety lane, in some cases, this can also lead to depression, anxiety disorder, mood disorder, etc. It’s a habit you have… Continue reading How I Learned To Be Calm

Blog Posts

5 Powerful Books That Can Change Your Life

In a world filled with overwhelming entertainment options, books probably don't have the same place as they use to. Especially for me, books were always an afterthought during my school and college days. So, it's interesting that when I think about the most important lessons, I can only think of these 5 books. These 5 books absolutely… Continue reading 5 Powerful Books That Can Change Your Life