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Why I became an Engineer

Born in India in 1988, to middle class parents, went to a christian school, grew up with Discovery channel, all of these are a great recipe to create an engineer. The most important ingredient though, was my dear Papa’s belief in me. He taught me from a very early age, that this world is only kind to successful & hard working people. He made sure he gave me the biggest dreams, all the courage to achieve them and a tough lesson in hard work. There was usually no room for error when it came to goal setting, he followed the 100X rule and expected me to understand it when I was in 6th grade. He always believed in me and gave me everything I needed to become an Engineer, please note; the first engineer in our closest of family. This was a big deal to him and for me too. 🙂

Growing up in a country where female genocide and dowry killings are still widespread, I feel extremely lucky to have the experiences, education and privileges I have. Another important person who is equally responsible for my interest and progress in STEM is my dearest Maa. She has been an idol for most of the girls in our family and friends, first lady executive officer in her department in 1984, only girl amongst 100 men batch mates, a mountaineer, a great cook (and she is so much more, I will have to write another post just about her!).

From my first memories in life I remember being called smart, talented and meant for greater things.I am not saying I have achieved the greatest things, but I definitely want to point out that everything that brings you joy and that you have worked really hard for is something you should be very proud of! That’s exactly what this blog is about, celebrating amazing stories of REAL Women in STEM fields, working extremely intricate jobs, handling millions of dollars of businesses, working in heavy manufacturing and making an impact one day at a time!

I hope to inspire girls around the world to take up the amazing STEM fields for undergraduate and graduate studies, because we need more women to be at the forefront of the massive technological breakthroughs that are going to change the face of mankind forever!

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