#STEMSupport – An Introduction

A short while back, I wrote a guest post here at Her STEM Story about how to manage your mental health in academia. Apparently the response to that article was good enough that I have now been asked back as a semi-regular contributor with my own section: #STEMSupport!

But first – a little bit more about me. My name is Alex Fitzpatrick and I am currently in the second year of my PhD at the University of Bradford. I am a zooarchaeologist, which means I specialize in analyzing animal bones in the archaeological record. Prior to my postgraduate work in archaeological sciences in the UK, I was an undergraduate in the humanities at Hunter College in New York; more specifically, I was double majoring in classical archaeology and anthropology. Moving not only from the US to the UK, but also from the humanities to the sciences has been difficult at times, but it has been an incredibly rewarding journey as well.

So, what is #STEMSupport? It’s a bi-monthly article that will tackle common questions and issues others may face within STEM. This will include topics that I have personal experience with as a current PhD student: immigration, mental health, career changes, and more! I hope I’ll be able to provide useful advice for any undergraduates, postgraduates, or early career researchers out there.

Watch this space for my first proper article soon! And if you have suggestions for topics you would like #STEMSupport to cover in the future, feel free to contact me on Twitter @ArchaeologyFitz or leave a comment below.

PS: You can learn more about Alex and her work on her Blog Animal Archeology.

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