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5 Powerful Books That Can Change Your Life

In a world filled with overwhelming entertainment options, books probably don't have the same place as they use to. Especially for me, books were always an afterthought during my school and college days. So, it's interesting that when I think about the most important lessons, I can only think of these 5 books. These 5 books absolutely… Continue reading 5 Powerful Books That Can Change Your Life


#STEMSupport – How to Embrace the Challenges of Being a New PhD Student?

This morning, I walked into our research office to find a new face – apparently a new PhD student had joined our department this week. And the first question she asked was a question that I remember asking myself in this very same room, nearly two years ago…

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Find Your Outlet with DiveIn

I don't know about you but for me, the days of logging on to my social media feed and seeing nothing but engagement announcements, wedding photos, and (surprisingly) fast-growing babies is something of the past. No, they aren't completely gone, that would be weird, but the landscape has shifted from witty updates from friends and… Continue reading Find Your Outlet with DiveIn

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Dating Advice For Successful Women In STEM

Dating is a tricky thing! It’s frustrating and full of mind games, clues, and insecurities. I was recently reading a book where the female lead character was making almost 3 times a year as compared to her partner who was making. The awkwardness of making more than your partner is universal. (Being a heterosexual, I… Continue reading Dating Advice For Successful Women In STEM


#STEMSupport –Being A Humanities Student in Science Land

Prior to my current life in the lab studying animal bones and isotopes, I had no idea how to operate a microscope. Someone who couldn’t remember what an electron was. Someone who would never even stick her foot into a lab, let alone work in one.

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Episode#8: Reaching For The Sun

In this episode of our podcast we are talking to a Solar Scientist, Physicist  Dr. Stephanie Yardley, who studies the eruption of the Sun's magnetic field that can lead to the spectacular displays of the aurora but can also severely damage our technological systems on Earth. She is joining us all the way from Scotland. Listen to… Continue reading Episode#8: Reaching For The Sun


The Bright Side of Being a Woman in STEM

As a kid I always had my families' support, most of my college education was paid for, and I was self confident enough in college that sexism didn’t bother me (too much). I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone, but that is why it is my right to try to shed a new… Continue reading The Bright Side of Being a Woman in STEM


#STEMSupport – An Introduction

A short while back, I wrote a guest post here at Her STEM Story about how to manage your mental health in academia. Apparently the response to that article was good enough that I have now been asked back as a semi-regular contributor with my own section: #STEMSupport! But first – a little bit more… Continue reading #STEMSupport – An Introduction

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Her WiSE Way To Neuroscience

This is a gist of our interview with the amazing Jackie Giovanniello a PhD student in Neuroscience. Listen to the entire episode on our "Podcast Episodes "page. Introduction STEM programs for girls have seen a surge in numbers at middle and high school levels around the world. But what about the women who are already a part… Continue reading Her WiSE Way To Neuroscience

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How to Breathe During Your Studies: Mental Health and Academia

Introducing our very first GUEST BLOGPOST by Alex Fitzpatrick. Read more about her at the end of the post. ------ College, as the old saying goes, should be the best years of your life. But for many undergraduates and postgraduates, these are the hardest and most stressful years of their lives. Academic studies can be… Continue reading How to Breathe During Your Studies: Mental Health and Academia